How I got lost in the internet and came back with a little more understanding

a road leading to mountains, in front a sign saying Passing place

This morning I wanted to check James Dempsey’s recommendation of an electric Braun shaver. But because Pratik’s blog post about reading books in 2019 in the browser window was still open I started with this.

Then I followed his link about starting 2019 where he linked to Sameer’s post about blogging and holding breath too long. And then I saw Sameer’s post about his quiet birthday where he started his day with making tea instead of his usual espresso because the procedure is quiet.

Finally I remembered the Braun shaver and why I like shaving the old way: it is a quiet start of the day, not the noisy brrrrrrrrrrrrrr of an electric shaver(), no hectic up and down on my skin. For me it is more a meditative procedure. So I guess I will stick to my quiet safety razor.
) Just thinking about an electric shaver with an Ommmmmmm instead of a brrrrrrrrrrrrrr - maybe this could be a good business idea …

Michael H. Gerloff @kulturnation
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