2019 - without a private Facebook account

The year 2019 starts for me with no more personal Facebook.

I did not delete the account because I still need it for my job. But I will use it as my private account. Which is not difficult for me, because time and “benefits” have been out of proportion for a while now. And the missing feedback at FB left me increasingly unsatisfied. Especially the postings that were important to me did not produce any reaction. Which, of course, was also due to my bad PR :)

But it also seems to me to be a “system” problem. There is no stopping in the Like-Click-Like mode, because the next post could be DER Burner. Carroll’s White Rabbit is possibly the FB heraldic animal.

And the friends accounts? For me this year it is “post instead of postings”. Of course, with FB I am up-to-date with what is going on in the life of the others. But maybe this I can also find out by a postcard, a phone call or at a meeting. And my news, I prefer to inform those friends with individually customer targeted information :)

Probably it will be like the Twitter farewell that I experience the impulse of “I could quickly post on FB” again and again. But that impulse gets lost…

I am not completely out of this social media. For over a year I have a Micro.blog account. This is a mix of self-hosted blogs and a social platform. Compared with FB, there is a much more interesting culture of communication.

I currently follow there 279 people. Normally, after a few minutes, I have already responded to posts - not just with a like. Because there are no likes at Micro.blog. Therefore, Micro.blog motivates me to really think about what exactly I want to answer. Or there is the impulse to write something on my blog.

The question is how I will have to change my information workflow. In my FB timeline I found interesting news and postings from the subscribed media and culture accounts . But most of them still have a well-made website, for which I will use even more my RSS reader.

The fact that in my reader I am always confronted with the articles, and not, as in FB, only with the links avoids the “Continue! Next!” impulse. And I notice when I am fed up. And, of course, otherwise there are still newsletters.

2019 will definitely become an interesting year.

Michael H. Gerloff @kulturnation
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